4 in 1 Lemon Disinfectant


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4 in 1 Lemon is a powerful disinfectant cleaner containing a high concentration of quaternary germicide which ensures broad spectrum germicidal capabilities.4 in 1 Lemon also contains a unique mix of non-ionic surfactants which provide remarkable cleansing properties. 4 in 1 Lemon is renowned for its high level of natural lemongrass oil which guarantees along lasting residual aroma. 4 in 1 Lemon is a powerful disinfectant cleanser, suitable for use on all washable surfacesincluding ceramic tiles, plastics, benches, walls, equipment and doors. ADVICE: Avoid mixing with other cleaning products, soaps or chemicals – the cationicgermicide can be de-activated by soaps and anionic cleansers.

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5L, 20L

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