Bio-Green Antibacterial Hand Soap Nut Free


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BIO-GREEN ANTIBACTERIAL HAND SOAP NUT FREE. Is manufactured using gentle cosmetic and plant-based wetting agents and moisturisers. Alkyl polyglucosides are wetting agents made by reacting glucose or cornstarch with a fatty alcohol – super mild and readily biodegradable surfactants made from renewable resources. Also incorporated is the active ingredient LACTIC ACID (plant acid) which helps elliminate unwanted bacteria from the skin, as it is found in foods, plants, animals and the human body. Lactates play an important role in cellular and body metabolism and are classified as non-toxic (reports available for algae, fish, rats) and readily biodegradable. . BIO-GREEN LIQUID HAND SOAP is made from ingredients that have been verified as free of peanuts and tree nuts. Is pH balanced. Ideal to clean hands in food preparation operations, restaurants, farms, garden nurseries, child care centres, bathroom amenities and great for use around home.

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