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Valencia is a new generation cleaner containing no free Caustic Soda, no Icinol/Glycol solvents -no biologically “hard” ingredients.Valencia is a powerful anionic concentrate specially developed to optimise cleaning performance. By utilising some recent technological advances in Surfactant Chemistry, Valencia is formulated with the ideal balance of surface active agents. It rapidly penetrates the toughest soils, breaking the bonds with a surface and prevents any soil redeposition. The inclusion of natural orange oil boosts solvency even further.Valencia is a multipurpose cleaner that will remove grease and grime from walls, tabletops, furniture, floors, motor vehicles, plastic surfaces, laminates, refrigerators, stoves, tiles, sinks, cupboards, venetians, window and door surrounds, toys, playpens, sports Gear, barbecues, pots and pans, showers, toilets and a multitude of other surfaces. Valencia is a particularly good degreaser and finds applications as a general “spray and wipe”cleaner, automotive degreaser, steam cleaner, concrete floor cleaner, laundry pre-spotter. Being a food safe formulation, it is ideal as a kitchen degreaser. No caustic means Valencia is totally safe on aluminium and magnesium alloys.

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5 L, 20 L

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